Ministry Opportunities

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We express our service to the Lord and His church in six major ways:

  • Prayer & Intercession
    The focus is on prayer and intercession.

    The rationale is that prayer releases the Holy Spirit’s power and is essential for effective Christian ministry.

    The purpose is to ensure that prayer under girds every aspect of ministry at Bethel that people are delivered from satanic bondages, and that the members of Bethel enjoy the full benefits of Biblical praying.


  • Worship
    The focus is on all that make it easy to enter into the Lord’s presence.

    The rationale is to “Let all things be done decently and in order.” While God often works in spite of us, He works best where order exists. It is necessary to prepare the atmosphere naturally and spiritually for God to move.

    The purpose is to ensure that all things are done decently and in order at Bethel and that everything needed to allow the Spirit of God to work freely and powerfully in our midst is provided for in a spirit of excellence.


  • Evangelism & Missions
    The focus is to “Win the lost at all costs.”

    The rationale is that the gospel is the only solution to the degeneration of our society and is the only hope for mankind. The Great Commission is not a suggestion. Our mandate is to "Win the Lost at all Costs."

    The purpose is to ensure that soul winning remains our primary focus in ministry, that sinners are rescued from hell, and that the members of Bethel experience the rewards promised to those who win souls.


  • Discipleship
    The focus is on training and leadership development.

    The rationale is that every believer is called to ministry. The primary job of the pastor is to equip the saints for the work of ministry. Eph.4: 11-16

    The purpose is to provide every believer at Bethel with an opportunity to discover his place, develop his gift and be successfully deployed in ministry and mission.


  • Hospitality and Community Outreach
    The focus is on visitation, benevolence and fellowship.

    The rationale is that love is the glue that keeps people connected to one another. The ministry of encouragement is critical in neutralizing the enemy's attacks upon the believers.

    The purpose is to provide an organized ministry of hospitality, visitation and fellowship aimed at encouraging visitors and church members in the faith and supporting emotionally those who are experiencing sickness, bereavement, loss of job, divorce and other types of crises.


  • Economic Empowerment
    The focus is to empower the believers, families, churches and communities economically to exercise dominion.

    The rationale is that God gives us the ability to acquire wealth so that we might establish His kingdom on the earth.

    The purpose is to teach believers to embrace the holistic approach to ministry. Christ became poor for us, so that we might become rich. Biblical prosperity covers the entire person: spirit, soul and body.