Our Values

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Love for God and people - Loving God means that the person puts God and His kingdom first in everything. He/she treats everyone with patience and kindness in an effort to bring out the best in others while building a strong nurturing environment. It also includes a genuine respect for others. Respect means civility, courtesy, dignity, tolerance, and acceptance. A respectful person treats others with consideration and accepts beliefs without prejudice.

Excellence – means doing the right things right, effectively and efficiently.

Trustworthiness - includes honesty, integrity, reliability, and loyalty. Honesty requires good faith intent to convey the truth. Integrity means that the person acts according to conscience, regardless of the situation. Reliability means making all the reasonable efforts to fulfill commitments. Loyalty is a responsibility to promote and protect the interests of certain people and organizations.

Evangelism and Missions – involves pursuing the great commission to win the lost at all costs and make as many disciples as we possibly can.

Accountability - means being responsible for one’s actions and exercising restraint. It also means pursuing excellence and leading by example, including perseverance and engaging in continuous improvement.

Teamwork – involves working cohesively and collaboratively with one another to accomplish extraordinary things for God and people.

Holiness - involves living in our communities with integrity by loving God and building strong Christian character.